An , but with it was different, because I was preparing my participation in a Dental Medicine Congress at Europe I never imagined what I would have as a “Golden Brooch” to this

A patient recommended me to enjoy a different Trip in Spain, I got in touch with Diego, his customer service manager and soul, and he offered me to do something different, a way to get to know Spain originaly like an Adventurer.

The management of the trip and what I proposed seemed appropriate for my final trip to Europe … leaving behind the stress of preparing my presentation at the Dentistry Congress, which by the way was very good, to get to Spain , and that they “drive me crazy” , it was “Spectacular”…

An employee of picked me up at the airport punctually, in the seat of my exclusive tranfer I had prepared my Welcome Pack “Personalized & Andalúz”, and then I was surprised with a different hotel than the agreed one … I stayed in front of the Sea !!! .. What a fantastic surprise of mine … and its was only the beginning in my Adventure in Spain!.

Following the strictly timeline that they offered me before I arrived at these fantastic land, made me live adventures that filled my soul, my retinas burst with so many images that have been burned to fire, I think, forever … through the Andalusian White Towns, Guided Visit the Anciest , Get to know the famous “Banús Port”, Marbella, Málaga, Mijas Pueblo, Trekking at a Guided .. that we like so much, but in a more personalized way, just for me … an VIP service.

There were still a couple of Adventures that I imagined were going to be amazing, but it surpassed everything the Adventurer can imagine .. … from the beginning the adventure to the return to the hotel they were a “Mix of sensations “ I can´t explain it … the transfer through the mountains of the interior of the Province, entering the small town that was our host, the preparation of the paragliding equipment, the instructions of the intructor and fly! … no comments … “Emotion, Vertigo & Adrenaline” that promised me and fulfilled it.

It remmaining the last Adventure in Spain, , I was anxious to do it, but despite the great efforts made by Diego de, and I am aware that he work hard, we could not do it … “Eolo, The God of the Wind”, did not let us make this last adventure … It was a shame but the nature is not 100% predictible.

I almost forgot to tell you that I enjoyed the beach in front of the hotel, swimming in the Mediterranean Sea, sunbathing, eating my “Espetitos” of Sardines, fried fish: enjoying Andalusia and its generosity with the tourists.

Beautiful, Unforgettable and “Repeatable” !!!

Here are some words that summarize my feelings with this Adventure trip and

… “TRAVELING for the people we love to do, it is always a gift and one of the most beautiful pleasures that LIFE gives us !!!”…

… But this trip was very special for me …, Embraced by the sun, full of sand and sea …

… One antagonistic trip at the same time: tranquility and adventure, stillness and winds in the heights, hiking through golden mountains full of cliffs, and hiking below them, with magical caves, where my imagination and delight were unthinkable…

… And … fly through a multicolored sky, contemplating the sea and those mountains walked with their beautiful white villages scattered everywhere …

… The good of the timeless, the unthinkable, the improvised (together with the smallest details of order), the openness to nature, respect, silence and the embrace of all the people I have met are “THE” gift that I take from here, from Fuengirola…

Thanks Diego!!!

Thanks !!!

You made this possible for me.

Without a doubt … I will return !!!

Marina L.S.


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