Summer is an amazing time to get in touch with the sea and cool off, play with our children, be sunbathing on the beach and feel how the day goes and you resting with nothing better than enjoying your leisure and free time. Holidays after a long year … we finally did it, go out and forget & .


But I´m a person who needs to go a little further, and since I wanted to surprise my partner, to offer me options to enjoy an unforgettable experience and after a while to go crazy with each and every one of them that had been delayed for sometime due to work circumstances and we started up … I am going to do my baptism of diving in the Mediterranean !!!… We finally did it, dive in the sea, we decided!!!


In less than 48 hours he had all the activity ready, with we were able to quickly leave behind all the bureaucratic procedures and we set off to meet promptly at 8:30 am in the diving club.

Spainventure admiring the amazing depth world Fuengirola dive in the sea lo hicimos

, from the first contact with the Instructor and Divemaster, try on the wetsuits, fins, masks, shoes, etc … a whole that surrounded us and made us feel much more comfortable.

Was Does the first contact with the instructor at the diving club, that previous briefing that takes away the stress of our “Baptism” was essential for the adventure to develop fantastically, dive in the sea, magical momments…

Spainventure Briefing Before to dive Fuengirola por fin lo hicimos dive in the sea

After almost 45 minutes of travel we arrived at our diving area, an amazing cove with crystalline waters and on this time of the morning began to receive vacationers eager to spend a day in the beach. They parked the transfer and began to live some very exciting moments by unloading the diving equipment and preparing for the briefing before to our diving.

Spainventure Fauna in a sea diving Fuengirola por fin lo hicimos

Our Instructor taught us to breathe through the “regulator”, to empty the mask, but most important of all was the recommendation to “Enjoy Every Moment” of this . We set up the dive equipment with the help of the divemaster and we approached the shore of this Fantastic Mediterranean Sea that was going to be our host for almost 1 hour. We go down some stairs carved in the stone of the sea and we get fully equipped to the water… guaaaauuuu!!!, what a sensation the water enters into the suit, which cools you before diving, and float in this immensity of the sea .. We finally did it, dive in the sea…

spainventure-brazos-consejos-de-buceo-para-principiantes-scuba-dive-in-the sea fuengirola por fin lo hicimos

And the long-awaited moment arrived, we submerged by deflating the vest and exacting the air from our lungs, beginning to gradually descend always with the watchful eye, and supervision, of our instructor, we had a little problem in our ears and with the information that they had given us in our breafing, with a simple maneuver we uncovered our ears and continued with this … we finally did it, what a joy.

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As soon as we begin, with signs under the water, our guide begins to point out each underwater curiosity that is presented to us, a Nudibranch there, a huge starfish over there, a small octopus that timidly “greets” us, group of fishes for everywhere, and that feeling of floating, of not weighing, “Zero Gravity” they said.Spainventure Star fish Diving Fuengirola por fin lo hicimos

The minutes passed at astronomical speed, and when we wanted to realize the air tank was in reserve and with “50 Bar” we began to ascend slowly following the orders of our instructor.

Spainventure Dive and friends Fuengirola spain por fin lo hicimos

Surely I was left with a too short explanation of what we have seen in that where we have felt very comfortable, breathing underwater and interacting with that life that hides and awaits us under the surface of the sea.


It seems to me, as the group of divers who accompanied us told me, that the “Bug of diving” has bitten us, an experience that we will surely repeat in a very short time.


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