You are planing your Adventure Trip with Spainventure and you want to live new and memorable experiences in the south of Spain and include Diving in the Mediterranean: We offer you some diving tips for beginners that will make you live one of the most fascinating experience you can imagine.

spainventure-buceo-en-fuengirola-equipamiento-scuba-dive-equipment diving tips for beginners

However, to get started in this amazing discipline such as diving, you must have some prior knowledge before starting your first dive.

Then we give you some diving tips for beginners so that you have them in mind before your first steps and you “immerse” in this new world that you will go to discover …

1. Prepare well and conscientiously

Diving is not exactly the same as other sports such as running, where just putting on a pair of sneakers, comfortable sports clothes and a bit of desire, is more than enough to start running. In diving you need a previous training with a diving instructor to guide you in your first steps.

spainventure-clase-de-buceo-suba-dive-lessons-steps-to-enjoy-the-adventure diving tips for beginners
Different certifiers generate diving courses that cover all stages of learning, highlighting PADI as the most complete, and that you will have the opportunity to find it in every corner of the planet.

2. Never dive alone

We can cite several rules in diving, but if one stands out among all is “Do not Dive Alone”.
Diving alone is a temerity that even the most experienced professionals tend to avoid. It is advisable to immerse yourself at least with a partner and do not move away from him / her more than 3 meters. Communicating frequently by signs with your fellow adventurers is also important, to indicate that everything is going great.

spainventure-en-pareja-consejos-de-buceo-para-principiantes-scuba-dive-in-fuengirola diving tips for beginners

3. Keep diving mask clean

Surely as soon as you are underwater you start having problems to see through the diving glasses. This situation is generated by the diference of temperatures that exist between your body and the water that surrounds you. A method, classic, ancient and primitive … spit in your scuba mask and rubbing inside… amazing!

spainventure-gafas-empañadas-spit-in-your-scuba-mask diving tips for beginners

4. Do not move excessively, do not brace

Keep in mind that diving takes place in the water, a medium that is 800 times denser than air, and this generates a significant physical exercise, then every unnecessary movement will tire you out early and speed up the consumption of air and the end of your diving for being exhausted.

spainventure-brazos-consejos-de-buceo-para-principiantes-scuba-dive-in-fuengirola diving tips for beginners

5. Equalize your ears

When you practice Scuba Ddive, or simply dive into a pool, the pressure change that occurs you will feel it mainly in the ears, this being a very annoying feeling. To avoid it you have to equalize the ears (it consists of making the pressure of the ears equal to the pressure of the water), when this topic is solved you will hear a “small plop”.

spainventure-consejos-de-buceo-para-principiantes-fuengirola-dive-in-la-costa-del-sol diving tips for beginners

In these diving tips for beginners we recommend, as the best known way to do it, the “Maneuver of Valsalva” which consists of pinc the nose, blocking the nostrils, and blowing through the nose. This maneuver is recommended to do it for each meter that you descend

6. Do not hold your breath

We have a natural tendency to hold our breath when we immerse ourselves in water, it is a reflex and “survival” act, our brain processes the change of habit in which we move and says “do not breathe”, but you must continue breathing normally, you must think “I´m Wearing a Diving Gear”, and the air tanks will provide you with all the air you need.

Holding your breath, when you do not really need it, can cause problems and/or lung injuries or panic attacks.

7. Your bubbles mark the speed of ascent

The changes of pressure in a very abrupt way are NOT welcome and little tolerated by our body. That is why whenever you are under the surface of the water and want to ascend you must do it slowly and moderately.

spainventure-burbujas-ascenso-consejos-de-buceo-para-principiantes-scuba-dive-in-fuengirola diving tips for beginners

Divers have a rule that is easy to remember and that will make your return to the surface a bit safer … “You have to ascend a little slower than the bubbles you emit in each breath of air …”

8. Be conservative

Recreational diving is an amazing discipline of aquatic sports, be conservative, you will be much safer and you will enjoy much more. Following some basic rules will make you a safer diver.

With these basic concepts you can take a leap to this fantastic experience: You will live exciting moments and it will produce a hobby that you do not want to leave. Live an Adventure Trip that you can not forget, diving will hook you forever!


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