We offer you the possibility of realizing a different and unforgettable experience, seeing things from the sky the beauty of the landscape, flying like a bird in tandem paragliding.

We can all do tourism in Andalusia, trekking, seeing the flowers that grow at the foot of the trees, to  take the aroma that our vast range of wild Andalusian species; to see the beaches with clean sands, and waves breaking on the shore of the Meditteranian and to wet your feet in the waters, but a few, very few are privileged persons that has the possibility of seeing the things in a very different way!!  from the air while motor paragliding.

We offer you the possibility of having a different and unforgettable experience, of seeing from the sky, flying across the clouds and experianceing an unforgettable time and you will enjoy this activity in a controlled environment, with an experienced pilot, who will offer you a relaxing adventure.

You will enjoy a new perception of the world overflying the coast, the interior, and different villages here and there.

You cannot stop realizing this activity, feel like a bird and enjoy the freedom of flying.


  • Flight starts on afternoon (according to the season).
  • The duration of the whole excursion is 2 hours approximately.
  • Time of Flight: 20 – 30 minutes approximately.