It would seem difficult to find the unit that measures certain things. For example, how do you measure happiness, freedom and enjoyment? I do not think there is a way to weigh it or quantify it. In my experience as an Adventure Single Traveller I have been able to check that everything is not labeled. Not everything has a name or reason, much less explanation “just feel … feels in the body”, in the soul.

Finding unexpectedly a deserted beach, a mountain, or an Adventure Environment with stunning beauty causes something automatic in the body that is lodged in each cell: Discover in the smile of another the beauty of the simple generates something that has no return, an occasional companion or simply each person in each place of adventure.Spainventure a single Traveller will take a lunch in a field

Communicating with someone with a diametrically different culture with whom you probably do not have a single word in common, and overcoming the barriers of what is written or spoken, you achieve that fantastic connection simply with the crossing of eyes, awakens sensations that you did not know about their existence.

“Disconnet to Connect…”

Decide for yourself what to do and what not … without knowing that day of the week is the one that you are transiting and without even suspecting what will be the plan of my single adventure for tomorrow, makes you feel that fleet in the weightlessness of the “Waters of Freedom”.

Disconnect to connect … stop and sit down to feel, trust in the instinct and letting go of the heart seem to be the keys to this recipe full of secret ingredients that from its fusion you get the perfect result: “Im a Single Traveller”.Spainventure a group of a single Traveller cooking in an experience

No measures or slogans to follow. Without waiting for the ideal moment, and without fears … above all … Without fears !!!!, is to stand at the tip of the trampoline of the Dreamed Adventure… to inflate with a tremendous breath of Air and jump headlong to the adventure: There is always water, and if it had not … well valid was the attempt.

Touch the bottom and return to the surface create a metaphor so bordering on reality like one decides that the time is today and not “some day” if  the past has passed and the future is uncertain … Where do you think it´s the undisputed place to stand and not stop?.

“Stop & Sit Down to Feel…”

Be a Single Traveller broadens horizons, strengthens the soul, rejuvenates feelings and revolutionizes the spirit. Encouraging oneself to go out into the world does not always mean crossing enormous distances: It means crossing self-imposed limits that are much more ductile than the imaginary refuses to accept.Spainventure Single Travellers Friends Experiences and Adventures

Get out, cross, jump, laugh, get up, take care and the most important, discover yourself and discover … there is nothing you can not overcome -those imaginary barriers you “think” to see- when you start disappear when you unfold the wings of adventure that always you saw. I do not think there is a way to weigh it or quantify it.

“…get out, cross, jump, laugh, get up…”


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