Now, that we are enjoying of the long-awaited Spring, will also begin a new season of Hiking in Fuengirola – Spain –, and to avoid incidents occur in this amazing activity of Adventure for lack of precautions by the Lovers of these excursions, we will be guiding you to make a good Planification of the Adventure.


There are some very basic rules for hiking in “Agrestes” areas, regardless of the physical condition of the Adventurer, the experience or the difficulty of the trails you choose for your adventure.

Generally we haven´t in mind the possibility that we get lost, the climate changes abruptly, an accident or other reasons that we can not imagine, and for that reason we do not forget leave our data in the competent agencies at the beginning of our Adventure, this thing will be very simple and free, and that will surely help in the rescue process in an emergency, being able to implement the necessary security mechanisms for it.


Usually the agencies in charge of this operation provide all the information about the situation of the roads you will cross, the current and future weather of the area of ​​the development of your hiking in Fuengirola activity, as well as your security will indicate the areas that you should not go, or if there were modifications in the chosen trails.


We must bear in mind that despite all the technologies we use in this 21st century, there are areas that do not have a signal for our Mobiles!!, so it is always a good idea, as we discussed in previous paragraphs, that we leave our data in the competent agencies for them to carry out, through their radio link network, the necessary communications with the rescue teams or forest guards for the implementation of the rescue or other operations.


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The following are some guidelines not to forget when making your Hiking in Fuengirola Adventure:

  • Register at the start and when Finish your Adventure Hiking Journey.


  • Always walk on trails enabled for your adventure, this way you will have the fantastic opportunity to reach your destination and not be disoriented.


  • Choose the trails that you will travel according to your experience and physical level.


  • Check beforehand the weather conditions and the state of the trails you will cross, if you do not find the information, ask the competent agency before your departure.


There are certain international parameters that are used to categorize the routes for Hiking, such as slopes, obstacles, presence of animals, sources of drinking water, length of the trail and type of soil, etc.

A good Hiker will prepare your Adventurer “Plan” and, whenever possible, not go to the Adventure alone, leaves a companion can get you out of a hurry and give you a fantastic company in your Adventure Hiking in Fuengirola.

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Keep in mind that a small injury can become a serious problem, and this will require a special logistics for the rescue … Do not forget to notify of your departure and the end of the Hiking in Fuengirola Adventure.

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