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If you like the water sports?, you love the freedom, physical exercise, sun and the adrenaline. When the kite fills with sea air!!!! your harness is on, enter the water,   jump on the sail board and cut salt water at full speed ahead.

This activity is for young or old and is exciting you will not forget. Almost anyone can practise the Kite. It is not necessary to be a genius, or be experienced previous with water sports. To practise Kitesurfing you do not need anything special, only the Will TO WIN in this SPORT. Everthing necessary for this activity is provided. Instruction will be given.

When the kite is filled with air the force that it has is amazing, when experianced it is possible to reach speeds of 90 kms/hour. And jump in the air leaving the surface of the water, FLYING!!!!! .

This activity is widespread only recently, there is knowledge that from the 12th century, in China and Indonesia, kites were used to drag small craft, evolving in the year 1970, where an Englishman Peter Powel invented the kite with two lines for steering like a military parashute, and constructed it in the shape of delta (D) like the one that sail on small boats, then after a few years  it was when the system of navigation was patented, on a surf board tractioned by D shaped parachute, turning Peter Powel into the father of this sport.

In Indonesia and Polynesia it is a culture and an art, the designs are wide and varied, in these areas is where one finds the industry of kite surfing.

This activity is organized by qualifyed instructors who will teach you to prepare the kite, on taking off and landing. The safety measures and all the basic steps are learned in order that you  have an exciting and unforgettable experience.

You cannot stop realizing this activity, beautiful environment and innumerable sensations.


  • KITESURFING trip starts 8 am (according to the season).
  • The duration of the whole excursion is 2 to 3 hours approximately.
  • Activity after the navigation: Debriefing and snack.