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These unique travel experiences are key to building high performance teams. It is shown that workers gain greater commitment and identification with the company after an unforgettable experience.

What they bring to the company these incentive trips?

  • Provide greater staff motivation.
  • Promote communication.
  • Encourage staff to achieve objectives.
  • Develop strategic skills.
  • Promote mental strength.
  • Increase sales.
  • Encourage teamwork.
  • Contribute to strengthening personal relationships outside the business sphere.
  • Cause memorable experiences they never forget.

The adventure trips are a reward to a team, or individuales that lead to places far from the city, in direct contact with nature. In such a scenario, it radically changes the context, and individuals have to adapt and rely on their individual or group skills to meet the challenges posed (low difficulty, medium or high, depending on the group) amid the immensity that nature offers.
Incentive tours are tailored according to the specific requirements of each company and align with the organizational strategies of short or long term. All aspects of logistics are covered from the arrival to the end, down to the last detail.

These are some of the Travel Incentives we propose:

  • Programs Multi Adventure (They include Horse Riding + Trekking + Rafting + Kayaking + Mountain Bikeing +Rock Climbing +Sea Diving)